Cryptographic security solutions to protect digital transformations.

Digital security Building blocks

Protection of data, transactions and hardware keys for all environments and use cases.



Organizations have become far more vulnerable to cyber threats because digital information and technology are now heavily integrated into day-to-day work. And that is a business risk, not a technological one.

Learn about our technologies to protect organizations, their critical systems, and sensitive information.

Security platforms

Core security server platforms with application programming interfaces to protect our clients’ solutions.

INTERFASE provides a comprehensive and integrated portfolio for deploying trust services in the cloud or on-premise. Keys and core operations are protected within a carefully designed cryptographic boundary with robust access control mechanisms, so sensitive assets are only used for their authorized purpose.

PKI Infrastructures

Trust your business with on-premises and managed PKI solutions from the world’s leading PKI provider. Read more …


A server-level framework with APIs to protect sensitive digital resources under the OAUTH2 model and perform advanced cryptographic functions. Contact us …


Guarantee the existence of a document or transaction from the exact date and time of a timestamp, and extend the validity of digital signatures. Read more …


Increase trust at the border and meet emerging travel standards with the world’s most widely used ePassport solution. Read more …


Remove the signing keys management burden from your users and enable secure remote digital signatures APIs to integrate into any application.  About TrustedX platform.


Reliably verify the status of digital certificates from multiple CAs, digital signatures, timestamps, and QR seals.
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Hardware Security Modules

Hardware-based secure cryptographic modules for datacenters and workstations, including network appliances, PCIe cards, and USB standalone devices.

With a solid electronic security infrastructure you will have the freedom to innovate and the ability to quickly deploy trusted  services. We use general purpose hardware security modules to protect the critical infrastructure of organizations, their data and sensitive identifiers, electronic transactions and cloud services.


Boost security in field computing devices.

We deploy trusted components and end-user applications for mobile and transactional devices with our partners’ SDKs and our software development services. We focus on digital identity and credentials protection, secure authentication and authorization, and digital signing. And even if you have an IoT project, we can help you with applied cryptography.

Chip-level security

We integrate the most relevant tamper-resistant chip technologies of secure smartcards and cryptographic tokens into our projects. They offer robust identification and authentication tools for both authorities’ and citizens’ benefits.

Contact us to learn about the joint product offering with our partners for chip-based eID, ePassport, and PKI Systems.


We understand blockchain technology as a helpful security tool for information exchange in a notarized, efficient, and highly controlled manner. Our team is delivering advice and education in the specifics of the technology, helping our customers to accelerate their learning curve and mature their understanding regarding how to take advantage of blockchain in their business processes.

Learn more about our Powerledgers’ BackPLane solution for timely, precise, and trusted information exchange among participants in transversal processes. It works as a secure messaging middleware and relies on blockchain and networking technology to provide critical benefits.

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Biometric security platforms

We use top-ranked fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms from our partners’ biometric platforms. They are part of our security portfolio for several use cases and solutions, including biometric identity management systems, digital onboarding, liveness detection, and facial recognition in video streams.