BE paperless

Sign electronic documents, collect signatures, and speed up business processes with our digital signature workflows.

Fast, remote, and secure signature processes.

Now it is easier to digitally sign and send documents for signing, generate agreements, negotiate contracts, and automate tasks, workflows, and business processes. Learn about our multi-dimensional approach for document signing.


Users management under membership schemes and external signers.

Signature management

Multiple signature devices and signature formats with customizable appearance.


On-premise, private cloud in your country, and public cloud. Also OEM available for VARs.

Documents flows

Documents load and management, and workflow definition and status tracking.


Straightforward customization. Fully re-brandable. Multi-lingual support.


Integration with identity services, signature providers, and third-party systems is available.

high-security Certificate-based signatures

A secure digital signature is backed by a digital certificate that identifies the signer. Certificate-based digital signatures comply with regulations worldwide and provide the highest level of identity assurance. Your digital signature and the signed document are cryptographically bound and secured with a tamper-evident seal.

Handwritten signatures

You can create a digital handwritten signature by drawing it directly on our application or embedding an image. You can use it in two ways: 1) as the visual appearance of a highly secure certificate-based digital signature; or 2) as a ¨simple¨ digital handwritten signature. Our application automatically applies a trusted signature witness and a timestamp witness to protect the document in this case.


Access from anywhere

It is universal and works on any device and operating system, PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
Use any modern browser.
Follow a link and sign or login into the system.
Sign on the go using iOS and Android apps.
Integrate and access from your applications.


Powerful workflow

Optimize how to deliver, fill, approve, and digitally sign documents, saving you a lot of time and money. Licensed end-users can easily create workflows to collect remote signatures and configure how documents are automatically sent to the signers.

The workflow engine allows a flexible definition of flows, and you define their behavior: 1- Load one or multiple documents to be signed; 2- Select the signers, the signing order, and reviewers; 3- For each signer, specify the signature request properties and additional fields to be filled; 4- Launch the signatures collection process, and track the status of the workflow; and 5-Send push notifications to everyone involved with the ongoing tasks, the result of the workflow, and the signed documents.


Members and guests  

Enrolled and guest users are allowed to sign. Enrolled users can upload and sign documents, manage signing workflows,  documents, and templates, and keep records of their activities. Guests are unauthenticated users that can be requested to sign documents in a workflow process. They will receive an invitation from an enrolled user (via an automated email) to review and sign a document.  


Compliant, legal e-signatures.

Whether you need an advanced digital signature in South America or a qualified electronic signature in the European Union, together with our global partner Entrust, we help you create enforceable digital certificate-based signatures worldwide. The resulting digital signature is impossible to spoof when using a digital certificate from a trusted third party. It also provides robust evidence of signer identity, that the signed document was not altered, and that the signatures are valid.


Full integration.  

The system is agnostic to the cloud or on-premises environments, the signers’ identity technology, and their signing device. Governments and companies in any region of the globe can deploy their digital signature streams using our standards-based approach and flexible architecture. The design is based on interchangeable modular blocks and has a clear separation of layers, which enables customized deployments. This flexible architecture, combined with standard-based interfaces and, if needed, our project-specific connectors, allows:

– Integration with any identity provider to authenticate users;

– Integration with any signature providers’ technology.


For all signing devices.

A signing device stores the signing key related to a signer´s digital certificate and can only be used by the right owner to perform secure digital signatures. Now you can sign and collect signatures from our workflow solution or our building blocks APIs using any signing device, from National Identity Cards to cloud identities. No matter what device you require, we support all relevant physical and virtual security devices for signature creation. These include smart cards, cryptographic tokens, software containers, mobile devices, and centralized platforms with hardware security modules.

full deployment

Available to government, enterprises, and service providers. On your datacenter or as a service. 

Implement the complete solution to sign your documents, execute signature flows internal to your organization, and collect signatures from thousands of external users with just a few clicks. The document signing workflows platform can use our out-of-the-box identity and remote signing backends or be integrated with your current infrastructure.    

Just sign a PDF?

Do you only need a web page to sign documents securely?

No matter if you continue with manual processes or already manage your processes digitally. You can start using our building block to quickly sign and validate PDFs online. So internal and external users can upload or receive a document and sign it to share or download. This approach can be deployed as a separate tool or embedded in your application via APIs.


Transform your signing processes into easy-to-use trusted digital experiences.

Organizations can deliver trusted digital processes using signing workflows that transform, scale, and grow your business. Let’s review your use case.