Know and protect your users. Prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and fraudulent transactions.

Digital Identity Building blocks

Enable the right users to access the right information and transactions for the right reasons.


empowering trusted identities

Digital transformation and the increasing reliance on remote business accelerate the adoption of the new identity and access management approaches and technologies. 

We handle the needs of new digital processes that require digital trust in each interaction and channel.

protecting your USERS and assets

Securely enrol every user and connect with them using the required level of trust.

building your iam solution

Manage your identities ecosystem and ensure that the right people have the right access by integrating our building blocks. You will be able to offer the secure and seamless experience your users expect.

All the building blocks

Enroll identities, enable users lifecycle management, protect privileged accounts, grant access rights, enhance security with multifactor authentication,  and provide single sign-on from any device, and more.


The first step is to enroll the user securely.

We develop modules for registering users automating face-to-face enrollment processes and remote digital onboarding processes. They help organizations collect personally identifiable information from the applicant, collect different forms of identity evidence, and, if required, prove the real-life existence of the subject.

Identity proofing

Identity proofing establishes that a subject is actually who they claim to be.

These services verify people’s identities before the governments and enterprises issue them accounts and credentials. We use the latest proof-of-identity techniques, including data crosschecking with verification and database services, identity derivation from existing documents, mobile biometrics, and Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS).


Infrastructures that issue, store, and protect digital identities, and manage their attributes and credentials.

Once a digital identity record is created after enrollment and identity proofing procedures, we combine our building blocks to fully manage their information, authenticators, attributes (like digital certificates and biometrics templates), and derived credentials (including mobile smart credentials).

Reference projects endorse us.

We delivered projects to build country-wide digital trusted identity providers and maintain government registry systems for citizens.

Multi-factor authentication

Authentication technology is constantly changing. As a result, businesses must move beyond passwords and think of authentication to enhance user experience and security. We combine different authenticators for users to access digital resources and authorize transactions, including passwords, one-time codes, smartcards, mobile applications, digital certificates, biometrics, etc.  From simple MFA to adaptive dynamic/real-time authentication. 

Identity assurance levels

Aligned with international standards, like eIDAS and NIST, by combining registration and authentication methods, our platforms will allow the use of different identity trust or assurance levels. In that way, identity providers can use these categories to convey the degree of confidence that a person’s claimed identity is their real identity.

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We support all form factors for digital identities and credentials. Contact us to learn more about our building blocks and our partners’ platforms and tools. Then, let´s build the solution that suits your identity lifecycle use case. 

cards and tokens
centralized and cloud
IAM for Trust Service Providers


A platform that caters to your needs to manage and protect the whole lifecycle of your digital identities and the new generation of advanced trusted digital services. Check how to build and manage a complete ecosystem for reliable, flexible, and inclusive digital services.

Protecting your investment

Our scalable modular approach.


Combine our building blocks to deliver your customized solution: registration and identity proofing, digital identity and credentials issuing, keys custody, authentication, transaction authorization, digital signing, timestamping, and validation. Learn more about ISCERT TSP building blocks.


multipurpose apps for DIGITAL ID and SMART CREDENTIALS

Fully customizable for your target identities, credential types, attributes, and local policies. And 100% integrated with the digital identity ecosystem managed by ISCERT TSP.

  • Remote digital onboarding
  • Mobile identity and credentials management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Transaction confirmation
  • Digital signing

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Entrust IAM

Entrust Identity and Access Management portfolio is part of the core of our digital building blocks.

Protecting the identities of workers, consumers, and citizens is key to preventing uncontrolled access, data breaches, and fraudulent transactions. Entrust Identity is the IAM portfolio that provides the strong foundation you need to realize a Zero Trust framework. And as one unified IAM portfolio, Entrust Identity supports an unparalleled number of use cases and deployment options.