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Digital and secure

Domain-neutral and domain-specific solutions for trusted digital business processes.

Digitalizing PROCESSES

Digitalizing businesses processes focuses on goals to improve responsiveness, increase organizational agility to transform and compete in the changing business landscape, and enhance the customer experience to drive adoption, establish loyalty, and increase satisfaction.


Digital and remote

In our new remote-friendly world culture, managing a paper-based document in person has become a collaborative editing session of an electronic document. And the same has happened with signatures applied to those documents. We deploy solutions to bring automation to your processes, improve customer experience, strengthen compliance, and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes. Combine our signing building blocks to deliver effective processes to speed up your digital transformation or to deliver service to your customers.

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Bulk signing  

When you need to sign thousands or millions of documents, we deliver fully automated on-demand machine-based digital signatures, either on-premises or in the cloud. You can integrate your process with our APIs for bulk signing or by setting up a watched folder application where no integration is required. Also, we develop batch systems to suit your automation requirements and sign any document or data stream type.  

signing processes

Digital signing workflows

Optimize how to deliver, review, fill, approve, and digitally sign documents, saving you a lot of time and money. Our collaborative platform automates the complete document signing workflow and helps you conduct your business securely. We integrate the latest technology to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of your contracts, purchase orders, forms, resolutions, communications, and any electronic document used in public and private spheres.



Upload one or more documents, apply your digital signature, or define multiple signers and collect their remote signatures from web and mobile. Define the signature type and the signing order, launch the signatures collection process, and track the status of the workflow.

Taking the next step

Let’s turn obstacles and opportunities to your digital advantage.

The digital transformation presents enormous opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages, where business digital processes play a fundamental role together with trusted data. We look for those opportunities to build solutions and combine our services with platforms from our partners to support reliable digital processes for government and enterprises. You will find some of them in the following section.

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mi factura


We provide the simplest and safest path for your electronic invoice project. Benefit from our complete management and signing solution of your invoices and tax documents, both on your site or in the cloud.  We will support you to successfully qualify your digital process according the tax authority regulation.

mi recibo


The most advanced and secure solution to manage your payroll documents. Company managers digitally sign and distribute the electronic salary receipts and wage statements with an automated bulk process. Then, the employees can access their receipt, review, and sign via web or mobile. Administrators can easily track the workflow and submit the results to the regulatory body.

Software factory services

Your custom processes

We use our core digital building blocks and solution templates to support new use cases. These tools provide valuable guidance assets that help increase speed, quality, and security when developing solutions for your custom digital processes.

Clients from different countries have digitalized their processes using our portfolio, including market-specific and market-agnostic solutions.

Shared digital goals

Shared digital goals are a force that holds our clients and teams together to coordinate their efforts and work for mutual benefit. Find below examples of projects we have successfully delivered together with our clients:

– Government Identity platforms with citizens’ records;

– Security platforms to protect the transfer of funds from the national treasury;

– Management platforms for Police reports;

– Data, documents, and transaction protection combining Digital Signature, TimeStamps, QR Seals, and Blockchain technologies.

– And many more …