Our foundations

Building and innovating together for the digital era


We have been historically successful by bringing profitability and flexibility to the challenges of a changing world.

At INTERFASE, we pride ourselves on being able to see the opportunities that open up when technology is used right, and to always find the best solution. We have never stopped taking this as our main objective, ever since the company was founded.

Human worth

People at the heart of digital transformation.

We were born with a life-saving project which involved the installation of alarms at a hospital ICU. This level of innovation in the 70s was truly meaningful, because it defined our identity as a company forever. Understanding the relation between humans and technology is key to responsible develop our role in every application field. 

Connecting people

Connecting people for almost 50 years.

Amazing things happen when people communicate. So we have evolved towards communication, from analog and electronic mechanical devices to digital technology and the Internet age. In our country, we built the first telex central, the first packet data network, the first internet node, and all the digital trust service providers. Nowadays, we are more than one hundred people that continue to evolve digital interactions within the digital revolution and the age of information.


We grew on par with our group companies, partners, and customers. 

We started being information technologies and telecommunications pioneers, and we evolved developing key areas such as internet, user digital experience, electronic processes and documents, digital identities and signatures, mobile applications, smart cities, cryptography, biometrics, and blockchain. And our partners and customers work with us to continue growing together.

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The importance of acknowledgement at work.

INTERFASE has been granted the National Engineering Award in Uruguay, and prestigious Latin American organizations and partners have recognized us in telecommunications, engineering, cryptography, and digital transformations.

Thanks to all of you who took a moment to really see the quality and importance of our people’s efforts. And to praise them for it.


Add value.

Learn about our strategic perspective, services, and delivery approach to help our clients’ projects and evolve in the digital age.

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We are part of a leading industry from a digital country, ranked as the most advanced nation in the region in software and information technologies.

INTERFASE was born in Uruguay, and we are now expanding our group in the Americas. Uruguay is Latin America’s leading per capita exporter of software and information technologies. The International Telecommunications Union ranked the country as the most advanced nation in the region in that area. We are proud to be part of this local industry and to be able to serve other countries as well.

About Uruguay

In Uruguay, the introduction of technology and the local software industry were fundamental tools for equity and social inclusion, and these values are at the heart of the country’s digital public policies. The country has the third-highest e-government development index value in the Americas region, only behind the United States and Canada, according to the last United Nations eGovernment Survey 2020. Also, it is the first Latin American country to be part of the Digital Nations, a network of the world’s most advanced digital nations (including the United Kingdom, Estonia, Canada, among others) with a shared goal of harnessing digital technology and new ways of working to improve citizens’ lives.



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