The advantage comes to those who can leverage and ride the digital wave. Conveniently and safely.

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We love engineering and technology.

We understand business processes.
We focus on delivering useful and secure digital solutions.

— From the heart of our team.

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Boost your digital journey

We have been adding value since 1974 to create complete and enriching experiences for organizations and individuals. So let’s accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

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Building together

Our past is what provides us with the building blocks. Our goal today is to create new ones and combine them according to your needs.

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Securely managing identities, transactions, processes, documents and information is essential. It safeguards our organizations and keeps the online society and economy running.

Be safe

Enhance your digital security

Keep your sensitive assets protected, reducing risks against breaches in data and devices.

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Some of our references


Organizations from all market sectors use our building blocks for their digital transformation processes.



Digital trust services 

Ready to explore how we contributed to build a country-level digital identity and remote signing infrastructure? 

Mobile First

The new generation of mobile apps for digital onboarding, identification, authentication, and  signature on the go!

protecting the treasure

Learn about security tools to protect national treasury transfers and to improve tax authority processes.